In the Shadow of a Superhorse
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     If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts or would like to connect with the author about the horse, Sham, please take a few minutes to complete the comment box above. Many racing fans have some present or past personal experiences concerning the Sham or Secretariat teams. If you do, we'd appreciate hearing from you. Many horses were defeated by Secretariat or Sham and their stories remain untold. Perhaps you have a short story you'd like to share concerning your favorite underdog caught up in the Secretariat and Sham era. Feel free to use this contact page to let us know.  Please keep in mind that any information submitted becomes the property of this website which retains the right to publish same without compensation of any type. We also reserve the right to exclude any information deemed offensive or inappropriate.
     Many of the photos throughout the book, Sham, In the Shadow of a Superhorse, may be purchased. It would be helpful to add the page number from the book that contains the picture. Photos shown on the Fan Mail page may also be purchased. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to learn more about this offer.